Dynamic - MX070.1 - Mini Pro Mixer

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The Dynamic - MX070.1 - Mini Pro Mixer is a handheld mixing appliance that makes short work of blending, mixing and emulsifying. This mixer has variable speed settings to fit whatever need may arise and has a detachable 7-inch shaft to make cleaning much easier. Overall, the Dynamic Mini Pro Mixer (MX070.1) is just 15.5 inches long which makes it easy to store and easily portable so it can be moved around the kitchen or taken elsewhere if needed. The Dynamic MX070.1 is ETL compliant.

Mini Pro Mixer Features

  • Handheld Immersion blender
  • 15.5 in (L)
  • 7 in (L) detachable shaft
  • Variable speed
  • Includes (4) cutter blades (emulsifying, standard, batter, and dairy)
  • Flexible cable
  • Lightweight
  • 0 to 13000 RPM
  • 115V/60Hz/200W/1-ph
  • ETL listed
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • Speed: Variable
  • Whisk Included: No
  • Shaft Length: 6.5 in
Is there a replacement stick?


The shaft on the Dynamic - MX070.1 is detachable and therefore replaceable. Please call sales at 888-388-6372 to order a replacement shaft.


The Mini Pro Hand Held Mixer Immersion Blender warranty is 5 OR 1 year warranty?? There is conflicting information for this model on other sites


This mixer has a one year parts and labor warranty.


How do I identify and use the various blades that came with my Dynamic Mini Pro? The literature that came with the product offers no explanation. The video referenced in the earlier answer does not show all the blades.


Here is a description of each blade: Emulsifying blade (4 wing) - Removes air out of product. Vinaigrette. Standard blade (2 wing) - Dressings, sauces, soups. Perforated disc - Adds air to product. Dairy, mayonnaise, whip cream, eggs. Anytime you want to increase volume. Solid disc - Batters like fish, pancake, crepes. These are only suggestions but use them on different applications and see what works best for you.


Here is a spec sheet for your Dynamic Mini Pro Mixer: http://www.etundra.com/ShowDocument.aspx?fileId=282831 it appears to identify each of the blades that are included. Unfortunately I'm not privy to your earlier answer and can't be sure what blades were featured in the video you were given. Additionally, I don't have any more information regarding how each of the blades functions.

Andrew Call

how do i can i use the blade to cut up foods into smoothes drinks, like one can do with a juicer machine?


Yes you can but I recommend cutting the pieces of food down so they are not whole (unless you are using berries).


how do i use the blades for a mini pro hand mixer how do i use standard knife, enulsifing knife, beater blade. dairy blade of the mini pro


Here is a video that demonstrates how to change the blades and explains what each blade is used for. The video is for all the "Mini Series" mixers which includes the Mini Pro. I hope this helps! http://www.dynamicmixersusa.com/videos/mini/


Is the shaft interchangeable to a longer one and is the speed varable? I need to chop up herbs like thyme, Green onions and blackpepper into a paste. Can this do it?


Yes, the Mini Pro is variable speed (0-13,000 RPM) and has a removable/interchangeable shaft. 4 cutter blades are included: emulsifying, standard, batter and smoothie blade. The Mini Pro is ideal for pastry, chocolate, soups and sauces. Furthermore, it will work for the paste you are trying to make.