Matfer Bourgeat - 73160 - Manual Commercial Pasta & Noodle Machine

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Manual Commercial Pasta & Noodle Machine Features

  • 5 15/16” wide cylinder
  • Adjustable thickness
  • 1/32” and 1/64” cylinders
This comes up as a commercial unit, does it have an NSF stamp on it?


Unfortunately, this unit has not been officially tested by the NSF.


Accessories for the pasta machine. Do they make a wider, egg noodle, cutter attachment for this machine?


This pasta machine comes quipped with knob to change the thickness of the pasta dough, two standard, incorporated cylinders; for tagliatelli, 1/32 inch; and vermicelli, 1/64 inch;. And it can also make lasagna. Clamp included. There are no other accessories avaiable for this pasta machine.