Vollrath - 1851 - Lobster King™ Lobster Tail Splitter

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If you’ve got lobster on the menu, the Vollrath - 1851 - Lobster King® Lobster Tail Splitter can save you a lot of time and hassle. With just one stroke the lobster meat is exposed, allowing you to gather up exactly what you need. Instead of handheld crackers that can be a challenge to use, the Vollrath Lobster King® Lobster Tail Splitter (1851) is the ideal alternative. Made of polyethylene, it offers a clean surface to work that is durable enough for busy commercial kitchens. It can also work on a crab leg!

Lobster King™ Lobster Tail Splitter Features

  • Vollrath (formerly Lincoln) Redco Lobster King
  • Uses just one clean cut to the shell and lobster tail is ready for preparation
  • Safest and fastest way to cut lobster tails
  • Can also be used to cut crab legs
Volrath Model # 1851. Will it split whole spiney 4lb lobsters?

This lobster tail cutter will work on all lobster tails as long as they fit on the 10" x 15 1/2" board.