Vollrath - 55000 - InstaCut™ 5.0 Vegetable Dicer - 1/4 in Cut

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Get the power and versatility you need with the Vollrath - 55000 - InstaCut™ 5.0 Vegetable Dicer - 1/4 inch Cut. You can slice, dice, core, and wedge with simple blade accessories that pop in and out with ease. Switching from one thing to another is fast and efficient with the 55000 dicer. Your commercial kitchen needs efficiency, and this tall base fits containers up to 6 inches high. The blade assembly is easy to clean and maintain on the Vollrath InstaCut™ 5.0 Vegetable Dicer - 1/4 inch Cut (55000) so you can revolutionize the way things are done in the kitchen.

InstaCut™ 5.0 Vegetable Dicer - 1/4 in Cut Features

  • Vollrath (formerly Lincoln) Redco manual food processor
  • Full 5 in square cutting area
  • Larger base design fits containers up to 6 in tall
  • One-piece pop-in-pop-out blade assembly
  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • NSF certified
Hi, folks -- How will this work for sweet potatoes or other root crops like beets, parsnips, etc? That's really what we're looking for. If this isn't the right product, do you have one you'd recommend? Thanks.


This will work but you may want to go with something like what is listed on the page below... https://www.etundra.com/restaurant-equipment/food-prep-equipment/vegetable-fruit-cutters/potatoes/nemco-55450-1-easy-frykutter-one-quarter-in-potato-cutter/ This handle will give you more leverage for harder starchier products.


Do you only sell the top part the one with the red handdle


Please see the link below for the replacement pack that includes the t handle... https://www.etundra.com/restaurant-parts/prep-equipment-parts/dicers/vollrath-55059-instacut-5-point-0-replacement-pack-one-quarter-in-dice/


Rubber stoppers? I need the rubber stoppers that rest at the bottom of each shaft. Are they sold?


Yes, the rubber suction foot is Vollrath 3079015. The link should be below so that you can click through to view. https://www.etundra.com/restaurant-parts/prep-equipment-parts/dicers/vollrath-379015-suction-foot/

Kasy Allen

what are the blades made of and are they d/w safe?


The base is aluminum and the rods are stainless steel. Vollrath does not recommend putting this equipment in the dishwasher with soaps, detergents, or other alkaline chemicals as it could harm the equipment. What they do recommend is using warm, soapy water. Do not wipe across the blades, as it dulls the blades and is very dangerous. Rather, use water pressure to help clean the blades from the unsharpened side. For more cleaning instructions, visit here: http://iodisplay.vollrath.com/GetResource.ashx?ResourceId=2283&resourceType=Resource.

Kasy Allen