Vollrath - 72675 - Cayenne® 24 in Overhead Food Warmer

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Keep food hot and ready to eat with the long-lasting Vollrath Cayenne® 24 inch Overhead Food Warmer (72675). This overhead lamp has an aluminum hood and comes with a simple on/off switch and an adjustable field disperser which puts the operator in direct control over the heated area of the lamp and also ensures an even heat distribution so there are no undesirable cold spots in the food. The Vollrath - 72675 - Cayenne® 24 inch Overhead Food Warmer is NSF and UL listed.

Cayenne® 24 in Overhead Food Warmer Features

  • Overhead food warmer
  • Metal element
  • Field adjustable heat director
  • Even heat dispersion for more effective warming
  • Cord and plug included
  • On/off toggle switch
  • Made in USA
  • NSF certified
  • Heat Source: Heat Strip
  • Length: 24 in
  • No. of Lamps: 1 Rod
  • Placement: Overhead
  • Infrared: No
  • Series: Cayenne
Can this be installed under a wood cabinet? What are requirements for distances away from adjacent cabinets? What is maximum distance allowed for food sitting on counter or shelf away from lamp for food to be kept warm?


I would recommend not mounting this warmer under a wood cabinet. Below is a link to the user manual for the food warmer. Page 2 covers the unit installation clearances. http://iodisplay.vollrath.com/Controls/GetResource.ashx?ResourceId=5773&resourceType=Resource

i need an heating element for vollwrath 72675 can you help ?


The replacement kit you need is Vollrath #4502402-2. We do not have it on our website but we can definitely get it. Please call our sales team at 1.888.388.6372.