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When we went to write the content for restaurant furniture, we couldn’t come up with anything except that if you have outdated furniture you should really update, because people don’t like it. But you already know that much, right? So instead, we figured we would let you know that as important as it is to have a restaurant with some sense of style, it’s just as important to have a website that entices customers to come in your door – yes that means you should have a marketing budget to update that website.

It’s time to throw out that outdated shag carpeting, and bring your restaurant from drag to brag – we see new restaurant furniture in your future!

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  • Value #1: Have Fun
  • Value #2: Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Value #3: Know Our Product
  • Value #4: Encourage people to grow and empower them to do so
  • Value #5: Express Ourselves
  • Value #6: Use Our Imagination
  • Value #7: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
  • Value #8: Stay Balanced and Maintain a Sense of Humor
  • Value #9: Keep Overhead Low
  • Value #10: Share the Gains with Our People, our Customers and the Community
  • Value #11: Work Morally, Ethically and Lawfull
  • Value #12: Pay Attention to Detail
  • Value #13: Have Fun