Allpoints Select - 421024 - 240 Volt Screw Mount Infinite Control

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Infinite switch has changed to a new style with side-mounted terminal tabs. Old style had rear-mounted terminal tabs. If moving from old style to new style, consult the “Wiring Robertshaw VSI to Robertshaw 5500-M Series” wiring instructions in the product manual on this page.

240 Volt Screw Mount Infinite Control Features

  • Infinite control
  • 240V/15A
  • (6) 1/4 in tabs (5 uitlized)
  • .187 in flat-up D-stem
  • Screw mount

Replaces Manufacturer Number(s):

  • BLOOMFIELD: 2E-30562
  • SHELLEY: 0284-008-00
  • STAR MFG: 2E-30562
  • STAR MFG: WS-50562
  • WELLS: 2E-30562
  • WELLS: 50562
  • WELLS: 55531

no problems here


replaced one earlear it only lasted a short time different brand i will see how long this one lasts so far so good this is not the first time ordering from this company and i know it wont be the last


wenatchee WA.


Exactly the right product for repair


When looking for a part for an older unit, this web site has it all. There was good information on the product, that allowed me to make the correct choice. The part has preformed great with little down time.


Oroville, WA

240 Volt Screw Mount Infinite Control

5.0 2


What knob would you recommend for this switch?


Below is the link to the Wells knob that will work for this infinite control...


what's the difference between this and the 421150 - Infinite Switch? (It's for a ceramics kiln.)


They are very similar but used for different manufacturers.


Does this fit with the robertshaw infinite switch? Is this a d stem flat side up?


It does have a d stem, and when the piece if right side up, the flat side is facing up, but tilted diagonally to the left. Basically, the flat side is between facing left and facing up. A better way to address this would be for you to tell us the make, model, and serial number of the equipment you want to put this part on, and we'll be able to tell you if it's compatible or not.