Commercial - 120V 13A Infinite Switch

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120V 13A Infinite Switch Features

  • 4 screw holes for mount
  • 6 tabs
  • 3/16” ‘D’ stem flat down
  • Slot in shaft
  • Volts: 120
  • FitsBrand: APW Wyott
  • FitsBrand: Commercial

Infinite Switch


exactly as advertised, exactly as needed, nothing short of perfect and working great


cocoa beach, fl


This product fits/works better than the original!


Fit like a glove. Best part is I didn't have to use a Y/splitter for the 2 power wires! The new switch had 2 seperate terminals.


Aspers, PA

This product was a great replacement


This product was a great replacement for the OEM switch

Milk shake

Lewisburg, KY

Perfect Replacement for my Warmer


the part was a replacement part on a commercial warmer and worked great. the description did have an error in that it said it had only 4 pin out vs the 6 shown in the photo which i needed.


kerrville, tx

Great bang for the buck....


Great fit. Just like the OEM. Just wish both the OEM and this product had a stronger plastic housing where the metal portion is held in place. Otherwise, much better than buying a new equipment.


Santa Monica, CA

Inexpensive and just right...


My only complaint is the strength of the plastic. Often when the knob gets bumped the metal frame breaks the plastic housing that secures the metal frame. I often use a zip tie to maintain the 2 pieces together to prevent that. Anyhow, for the money and the cost of a zip tie, it's well worth it w/o buying a whole new unit. It's better than the OEM.



120V 13A Infinite Switch

4.8 6


I have a food warmer APW Wyott Model W-3V. The part you sent me (55564-EGO) is configured differently from the original. Can you provide a wiring diagram for this part?


Look at the back of the old switch near the terminals. All the terminals are lettered/numbered. The new switch has the same corresponding lettering/numbering for each terminal except that there are 2 terminals instead of a "splitter" for the one tandem wired terminal. Sorry can't remember the designation (lettering/numbering).


Yes, I have attached the wiring diagram below for the EGO 120V Infinite Switch. Please use the diagram on the right for wiring instructions.


Is there a wiring diagram? Is there a wiring diagram?


I will need the model number and manufacturer of the equipment you will be using this switch on to find a diagram. Please call our sales team with this information 1.888.388.6372. They can get you want you need.