Nor-Lake II - 15 1/2" x 63" Drawer Gasket

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  • Mounts with screws
  • Helpful Buying Hints
  • Measurements are from gasket’s outside corner to outside corner and may vary slightly
    1. Clean door well where gasket attaches
    1. Soak in 160°F water to remove twists and kinks before installing
    1. Heat with hair dryer after installing (be careful not to melt material)
    1. New gasket will take several weeks to form its maximum seal

  • Width: 15 1/2”
  • Length: 63”
  • FitsBrand: NorLake
  • FitsBrand: NorLake II
  • Mount Type: Screw-in
  • Seal Type: Compression
  • Magnet Width: No Magnet

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