With over 50 years of research and innovation, Scotsman Ice Systems is the largest ice machine manufacturer in the world with a steadfast dedication to quality, affordability, and efficiency.

By the 1950s, the world had realized how helpful ice could be and Scotsman was the first company to find a solution to the need for commercial ice by introducing an ice maker that could produce more than the world had seen before.

If you love nugget ice (those perfectly chewy pieces you see in fast food joints everywhere) you can thank Scotsman. When Scotsman invented The Original Chewable Ice® in 1981, it used that ice in its water and ice dispensers for the healthcare market – creating a more enjoyable ice experience for patients.

In just over 50 years of innovative thinking, Scotsman created the commercial ice machine, plus a whole new form of ice. Today, it’s making ice machines smarter by using technology that makes the machine easy to monitor, service, and keep sanitary. Best of all? Today’s Scotsman ice machines are more efficient than ever.