T&S Brass

T&S Brass introduced the very first pre-rinse unit in the 1940s and has been a leading manufacturer of restaurant plumbing equipment ever since

From a humble garage in New York, T&S Brass introduced a ground breaking solution for restaurant dish pits by creating the first ever pre-rinse assembly. Just a few years later, T&S invented the foot pedal system and today both these food service plumbing units are industry standards. T&S Brass continues to introduce new innovative products every day and now provides faucets, pre-rinse units, wash hoses, vacuum breakers, and replacement parts for commercial plumbing systems. They also provide high quality appliance safety connectors like gas hoses, water hoses, disconnects and restraining cables designed specifically for restaurant equipment.

T&S Brass has also been way ahead of the sustainability curve for years. With almost 70 years of experience with faucets, hoses and pre-rinses, T&S understands how much water is used in the foodservice industry and recognizes that they have a unique responsibility when it comes to water conservation. That’s why they now offer low-flow pre-rinse units and faucet aerators that significantly cut down on water use without compromising power of water flow.