TundraCare Denver

Hey Denver, we're here for your restaurant supply needs!

Did you know? Located in Boulder, Colorado, Tundra has been serving the local community for more than twenty years. But hey, we get it—the “Boulder Bubble” is worlds away from Denver, right? Try 30 miles. Whether it’s sourcing sustainable, local ingredients from the farmer’s market, or kicking back with a few brews at Wash Park, we know it’s people like you who make Denver great.

We'd like to introduce you to TundraCare, a new program designed to support our local restaurant community here in Colorado by committing to helping you run a better business. With TundraCare, the process of ordering and receiving is easier than ever, helping you spend less time worrying about your supplier, and more time focused on your operation. With more than 13,000 products stocked just 30 miles away in an expansive warehouse, we’ll make sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Over 13k items stocked in Colorado
2500+ quick ship plus items next day delivery


Thousands of carefully curated, must-have products are conveniently stocked in our large Colorado warehouse so we get them to you faster. Stop fighting the traffic or waiting weeks on end for a shipment. Time is money—let's help you make some!

Here’s how it works: Place your order before 4:30PM MT – we deliver the next day. It’s that easy! If for some reason a next day delivery is not possible, our commitment to you is to find a solution that will make you satisfied

Free Shipping

Free is always nice, right? Contact us before you order any of the products in our Quick Ship Plus catalog to check if you’re eligible for our Free Shipping Program. Call 800.447.4941 or talk to your local Tundra Sales Representative to learn more.


From front of house to back, we are proactively working with restaurateurs and their eco-friendly goals. Small changes can make a big impact, and going green is a long-term goal for us. From designing energy-efficient kitchens that decrease your water and energy bills, to recyclable and compostable single-use products, let us help you achieve your sustainability goals.