Jeff Day
VP of E-commerce
Jeff Day
3 Yrs
with Tundra
Take-Out Master
Chef Status
Sharpening steel
Vitamix blender
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A Brief Q&A With Jeff

Nickname: Captain Awesome. That’s my daily affirmation for myself. No one has ever willingly referred to me by that name.

Chef Status: Master of one-pot meals and take-out.

Jeff Day

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Vitamix blender. I just got one, and I swear my old blender from Target actually cried. These machines make the most amazingly consistent smoothies.

But the one thing I'd probably recommend to anyone that loves to cook is sharpening steel. People often think it's the same as a knife sharpener, but it's much different. What the sharpening steel does is realign the teeth of the blade so that the knife is sharp again (rather than wearing down the blade to make it sharp again). When the knife is sharpened correctly, it lasts longer and is a homerun every time for me.

Favorite Recipe: I’m from Texas originally, so red meat is a staple for me. Although I’m not much of a chef, I did happen upon an amazing recipe recently for steak in a teriyaki broth.

Who, or What Inspires You? I’m inspired by the idea of balance in life. Work can be amazing and very motivating but it can also be all-consuming. My ongoing quest for better balance continues. Namaste! Maybe I should go to yoga instead of just saying ‘namaste.’

What Are You Afraid Of? Failure, so I just don’t.

Most People Don't Know This, But I Once... I’m naturally an introvert.

My Story: I grew up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, and am a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a degree in marketing (go Longhorns!). I’ve had some amazing professional opportunities in eCommerce over the years, and in a wide variety of locations in the U.S., but never have I felt so connected to a place like I do with Boulder, CO. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it. Oh, and while you are here, check out our showroom. It’s open to the public!

  • Value #1: Have Fun
  • Value #2: Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Value #3: Know Our Product
  • Value #4: Encourage people to grow and empower them to do so
  • Value #5: Express Ourselves
  • Value #6: Use Our Imagination
  • Value #7: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
  • Value #8: Stay Balanced and Maintain a Sense of Humor
  • Value #9: Keep Overhead Low
  • Value #10: Share the Gains with Our People, our Customers and the Community
  • Value #11: Work Morally, Ethically and Lawfull
  • Value #12: Pay Attention to Detail
  • Value #13: Have Fun