Restaurant equipment leasing and lease to own

Did you know that you can lease restaurant equipment in only a few steps? It’s true. Our lease-to-own program is easy to enroll in, and only takes a few minutes. At TundraFMP we make our restaurant equipment leasing process as simple as shopping, applying, and qualifying.

Should I lease restaurant equipment?

At some point, every restaurant owner is faced with the following question. Does it make sense for me to buy or lease restaurant equipment? If you’re having trouble making your decision, here are few things to consider. Heavy-duty equipment is expensive and needs to be updated often. For customers with limited capital, and limited disposable income, or if you’re saving for unexpected expenses, restaurant equipment leasing is a great option. Leasing is also a great way to help fund upfront soft costs like taxes, freight, installation, and delivery. There are great lines of credit available from $99 - $250,000, which makes it even easier to get your restaurant up and going.

Benefits of restaurant equipment leasing

  • Keep Cash on Hand. When you finance you have the option to spread out payments for equipment that would otherwise require cash upfront.
  • Low Down Payments. Unlike traditional bank loans, with financing there is minimal to no down payment required.
  • Low Monthly Fixed Payments. There are also lower monthly fixed payments with leasing than with loans.
  • Tax Benefits. BasedBased on your financing plan, you may have tax benefits that include being able to deduct as much as 100% of your equipment payments.
  • Keep Equipment Updated. Replacing outdated equipment is much easier with financing, giving you access to cutting edge technology.
  • Lower Rates. With financing, you'll typically see lower rates than you would with loans.

Do you want to learn more? Give our team a call at 888-388-6372 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. We're here to help you navigate your lease-to-own options.