Franklin restaurant kitchen supplies and accessories

Simple products for smarter kitchens


If there’s a problem in your kitchen, Franklin has the solution.

That’s what you can expect from over 100 years of innovation in the foodservice industry. From time-saving products like the Baffle Boss to timekeeping accessories like our 4-in-1 kitchen timer, Franklin products help chefs and kitchen staff do more for less.

Our goal is to help improve efficiency in commercial kitchens. To achieve this, we design products to help restaurants work smarter, not harder. Even our replacement parts are innovative and easy to install, so you can keep your equipment running without calling a service tech. If your kitchen can be better, you can bet on Franklin knowing how.

With value pricing and robust product categories, we carry a wide swath of products for both front and back of house needs. Need a simple strainer? Done. How about some chair glides? You got it. Want to add new accessories to augment old equipment? We have just the thing.

Check out our extensive DIY parts video library.

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