With a broad selection of eco-friendly restaurant supplies such as compostable disposables like plates, cups, cutlery and more, Eco-Products is leading the charge on environmentally friendly, single-use products for your restaurant.

As a mission-driven organization, sustainability is at the core of Eco-Products' offerings. Eco-Products specializes in both compostable products and those made from post-consumer recycled content. The choice to be sustainable is no longer an option nowadays—it's the way of the world! As more consumers demand eco-friendly alternatives to wasteful products that go straight to the landfill, companies like Eco-Products are leading the charge to developing innovative new disposables that are made from renewable resources and may be composted or recycled in commercial facilities.

To be 100% certified compostable, the product must be able to be broken down in a commercial composting facility and turned into soil. Compostable products can be made out of a variety of materials such as sugarcane. Crushed sugarcane stalks are a byproduct of the sugarcane industry, which is only interested in extracting the juice from the stalk. These stalks, however, may be used to create fully compostable dinnerware, cutlery and more. Other compostable products include new Ingeo™ Bioplastic, which is a type of plant-based plastic used for lining many compostable to-go containers.