Restaurant Design Quote


When you get a design quote for your restaurant, or other type of foodservice establishment, it should be more than a list of numbers sent over after a brief phone call – or even less impressive, a few emails. Our designers believe that in order to send over an accurate quote, we need to know more about your company’s objectives. We feel it’s important to start a relationship in the beginning so that we can effectively communicate with your entire development team, to the end.

3 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Our Designers
  1. Detailed proposals that accounts for taxes and freight
  2. Product and industry knowledge - more than 30 years of design experience
  3. Involved with the entire planning and development team from start to finish

…All combined, this helped to reduce our customers capital expenditures and operating costs.

Competitive Pricing

Because our design team has direct access to the Tundra inventory, as well as long-standing relationships with other national and international companies, they are able to base their final bid on the best negotiated price for your restaurant – without sacrificing quality.


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