TNT Products - GDL-DOME-4000 - 4 in Dome Floor Sink Guardian Drain Lock™

SKU: FMP1021206
Price: $72.95/ea
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Tamperproof locking mechanism secures grates and strainers from unauthorized removal. Reduces solid waste from entering drains and prevents clogs, floating rags or bags from blocking the pipe exit, blocking in common areas or city main lines, and cabling that damaged P-traps. Dome shape allows water to flow even with debris build-up in the sink.

4 in Dome Floor Sink Guardian Drain Lock™ Features

  • Floor sink drain
  • Fits 4” wide floor drain
  • Expanding gasket collar fits snugly to drain
  • Aluminum dome with black plastic body
  • Can be installed or removed using #40 Torx® screwdriver