Manitowoc - NU910827 - Ice Machine Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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The Manitowoc Replacement Filter Cartridge (NU910827) is a replacement water filter cartridge that can be used to replace water filters in Manitowoc ice machines. This replacement filter cartridge is made to replace Manitowic water filters designated K00174 and EVE910827. Water filters not only keep your ice tasting its best, but it prevents scale and other contaminants from building up in the machine (potentially shortening the lifespan of your equipment). Just in case your Manitowoc ice machine is having trouble producing clean water and ice, it’s a good idea to have Manitowoc - NU910827 - Replacement Filter Cartridge on hand so your machines can keep making the cleanest and purest ice around.

Ice Machine Replacement Water Filter Cartridge Features

  • Replacement filter cartridge
  • Replaces K00174, EVE910827