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Restaurant designs start with an idea.

Working with your development team (including the architect, interior designer, and foreman), we can design your restaurant – front and back of house – with aesthetics and functionality in mind, while ensuring designs are followed through from discovery to development to delivery.

Discovery. Development. Delivery.

Because we work together with you and the rest of the people involved in the project, we are able to ensure designs are followed through, from discovery to development to delivery…


Most restaurants know, at least in general, what audience they are marketing to, the objectives they want to deliver, the menu they want to showcase and the facility they want to bring it altogether in. But these ideas must be articulated effectively so that all those involved in the restaurant development process understand the core concepts. We work with our clients to put all of these ideas together – in one clearly written document, which will ensure design concepts are followed throughout the project.


Architects and restaurant interior designers prepare their design based on the owner or operator’s needs and requirements, but all too often this information is based on informal discussions or invalid assumptions. However, when our designers complete their comprehensive design program – based on your operational plan – it can be used by all members of the design team. This helps to define the required spaces, relationships, design elements, seating and other essential components. It also features requirements for the successful design, construction and operation of the proposed restaurant.


Throughout the design and construction process, unexpected conditions arise which must be resolved. Our experience in construction, and our understanding of operational requirements and constraints, enables us to resolve these issues quickly and in the best interest of the owner and operator.

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Discovery, Development and Delivery