Winco - DB-1218 - 12 in x 18 in Donut Basket

Price: $6.72/EA
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12 in x 18 in Donut Basket Features

  • Doughnut basket
  • 17 8/9 in (L) x 12 in (W) x 2 in (H)
  • Wire
  • FitsBrand: Winco
Do you have stainless steel donnut basket size 12x 18 inches ? Can you ship to Toronto, Canada ? Hello, Iam looking for size 11x18 inches donnut basket. Is it possible to bend two sides to make 1 inche small on the width coz your basket size 12X 18 inches.


This basket is made from nickel plated steel. I do not recommend bending that sides and we unfortunately do not have any other baskets that are 11" x 18". An 11" x 18" basket would need to be custom made. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, we can definitely ship the Canada. We do it all the time!