Victorinox - 40520 - 8 in Chef Knife

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The Victorinox 40520 8 inch Chef’s Knife is meant to perform well through a wide variety of kitchen tasks. If you’re slicing sections of meat, chopping an array of vegetables, or mincing fresh herbs the chef’s knife can get the job done in both the hands of an up-and-coming student chef or a skilled and seasoned professional. Stamped construction provides a lighter, thinner blade, and a straight edge makes it easy to smoothly rock the knife for a more precise cut. The black Fibrox handle is slip resistant when wet, helping prevent unsavory kitchen mishaps and mistakes. At 8 inches long tip to handle, and equipped with all the features that make this style of knife so popular, the Victorinox 40520 is an excellent addition to any cutlery set.

8 in Chef Knife Features

  • Chef knife
  • 8 in blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Stamped construction
  • Fibrox Handle
  • Slip resistant
  • NSF certified
  • Blade Length: 8 in
  • Blade Style: Stamped
  • Handle Color: Black
  • Handle Material: Fibrox
  • Serrated Blade: No

Quality Knife


I received a butcher block of knives from my daughter and son-in-law for a gift because my daughter knows the knives she grew up with were of poor quality. I didn't like the micro-serrated quality of those knives, but it was what I needed to encourage me to step outside of my "I don't like sharp knives because I'm afraid I'll cut myself" comfort zone. I am the kind of person who does a LOT of research before I make a purchase, consulting consumer testing literature and reading reviews online of many knives offered through a variety of companies before I decide which one I believe is "the best." I spent weeks making these inquiries and taking notes. This Victorinox chef's knife was the choice I made. I can't believe how a sharp, quality knife can make kitchen preparation "fun." I am so happy with this knife! I have not always been diligent in washing it immediately after use, as is recommended, and have never had any kind of rusting or any other sort of unwanted consequence because of it. I am very happy with this quality knife and am amazed that a knife this wonderful could come at this low a price. I purchased some other things from Tundra at the same time, and when I needed to consult them with a concern with one of the other items, they were friendly and accommodating, and made things right. If I need knives in the future, Tundra will be the first place I come to.



Good Knife, GREAT Value


I have always been pleased with the performance of these knives, and at a price that won't reduce a grown man to tears if something were to happen to them. They are well made.and a good choice if you must maintain your own tools. There are cheaper knives on the market, but none that I have been as happy with.





easy to work with. very light .when cutting or choping alot makes itm a pleasure.



The best bargain for the price


I was shocked at the ease of slicing vegetables and fruit. I've never owned a knife this sharp. It has the appearance of a quality product, just as you would expect from the Swiss. Recommended by America's Test Kitchen.


Corona, CA

I like the fact that its ...


I like the fact that its high quality and handles are non slip



Sharp, light, very easy to use.


I have anumber of chef's knives and on a per dollar basis, this is the best. It's very sharp, very light, has a great slicing angle and is easy to use. Winner.



8 in Chef Knife

4.8 6


I need to replace a knife 9" x 1 1/4" blade--do you have this? What is it called?

We do not sell replacement blade's for these knives. Your best bet would be to replace the whole knife.