Cambro - EPP400110 - 90.9 qt Black Insulated Cam GoBox

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Cambro’s new Cam GoBox is one of the hottest food carriers in the industry. Drip-resistant, and featuring a gentle open and close, the Cam GoBox is ready to make your life easier (and not break the bank doing it). Designed with ergonomic handles, the front loading Cam GoBoxes can be carried from all four sides. The carrier also features a built-in label holder to easily identify product. Worried about food safety on the road? Cam GoBoxes support HACCP guidelines for food safety (keeping food below 39.2°F or above 149°F), ensuring that your hot food stays hot and your cold food stays cold. Plus, the risk of potential cross-contamination between products is drastically reduced when you use a Cam GoBox. But our favorite part? These Cam GoBoxes nest together (and with major competitor brands) for easier portability! For pan configurations, check out the accompanying image.

90.9 qt Black Insulated Cam GoBox Features

  • Front loading insulated food transportation container.
  • Thoughtfully designed built-in handles along the top of the front loader units allow them to be easily carried from all four sides.
  • Interior dimensions: L 21.1 in x W 12.9 in x H 20.7 in
  • Exterior dimensions: L 25.4 in x W 17.3 in x H 25.8 in
  • Lightweight – Made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) – an eco-friendly high performance foam material.
  • Built-in condensation barrier helps front loaders to remain drip-resistant.
  • Cam GoBox front loading carriers are designed with enough room to hold GN 1/1 pans along with Camwarmers or Camchillers if desired.
  • A built-in label area keeps plastics menu tags in place for easy content identification or routing.
  • Beveled door edges ensure door can be easily closed and latched.
  • Full 270 degree access – Durable hinges and latches allow the door to open 270 degrees and remain open securely to the side of the front loader for easy access to products. Latches keep door securely closed during transport.
  • Chemically Inert – unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals.
  • Excellent Energy Absorption – can withstand substantial impact without damage.
  • Great Structural Strength – capable of handling significant loads while maintaining its shape and form.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Recyclable, CFC-Free
  • Note: Best results will be achieved by loading food pans between 180˚ to 190˚F. Loading metal food pans over 250˚F will result in damage to the carrier.
  • Height: 24 5/8 in
  • Width: 25 1/4 in
  • Depth: 17 3/8 in
  • Material: Expanded Polypropylene
  • Color: Black
  • Insulated: Yes
  • Load Style: Front

I will buy this model over the other type any day.


I really like the lightness of container. Much easier to transport. At first I was unsure of durability but it has proved me wrong.


Loveland Colorado


90.9 qt Black Insulated Cam GoBox

5.0 1


Can you keep things hot by using a sterno can. I will be going in and out often and need to keep food at proper temp.


You should heat the food to the proper temperature before putting in the box. The box is designed to keep food at temp.