Tundra Low Price Guarantee

Losing money is bad. Saving money is good.

With over 70,000 items and growing, we look forward to serving all of your food service needs, but we understand that hunting for a deal is somewhat addictive at times. We also know that most purchases are made from emotions, where the need for explaining the purchase is driven by logic

We don’t want you to ever feel that you need to explain your purchase decisions after shopping with us (although we understand if you get a little emotional for getting such a great deal). So, go ahead and do your shopping around, but remember that we’ll match the lowest price you find - just give us a call.

Proof of competitor pricing is all we ask (and only fair), so please be prepared to provide a URL or quote on dealer letterhead when making your request.


there’s gotta be rules…

  1. You can’t come along later asking for a discount on something you already bought… that just ain’t right.
  2. The low price is guaranteed on the product price only.
  3. If we agree at a lower price (yay we’re all happy), you can’t then show us a coupon and expect to get more off – come on now.
  4. You must show us proof of the lower price prior to making your purchase (remember rule #1?).
  5. If you can’t show us proof of a lower price, we’ll probably say – No Deal! Unless you’re really nice, then maybe we can work something out… maybe.
  6. There are only two things we won’t wheel-and-deal on: used equipment and special orders.
  7. Okay, there’s one more; if you found it on eBay at a lower price, we don’t do any wheeling-and-dealing either.
  8. If we can prove that our competitors have a greatly reduced price because they forgot to enter in an extra dollar figure (a typographical error), we don’t do deals either.
  9. Some people do crazy deals that are cheaper than what our cost is. We haven’t figured out how they are able to pay the bills by doing that, so we can’t go below our cost. We’ve got to be able to keep doing business somehow.