Winco - TMT-RF2 - -20 - 70 F Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

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The Winco TMT-RF2 is a 2 inch refrigerator/freezer thermometer that is NSF certified and HACCP compliant. Its -20⁰ to 70⁰ F temperatures helps you keep track of temperatures in the frozen, thaw, and unsafe refrigeration zones. It also has a handy hook and standing panel so you can hang the thermometer from a shelving rack or simply place it on top of the rack.

-20 - 70 F Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer Features

  • Refrigerator/freezer thermometer
  • Temperature range of -20°F to 70°F
  • Dial type
  • 2 in face
  • Built-in hanging hook & standing panel
  • NSF certified