Comark - TX27L - Thermometer Test Cap

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When you run a busy kitchen, you need to know that everything is working properly. The thermometer is an incredibly important piece of equipment because it lets you know that certain ingredients, including meats, have reached a safe temperature. The Comark Thermometer Test Cap (TX27L) helps you with instrument calibration, ensuring that the thermometer reading is within the correct range. The Comark - TX27L - Thermometer Test Cap is handy to keep around for regular checks and to pull out any time you are starting to question the accuracy of your thermometers.

Thermometer Test Cap Features

  • Thermometer test cap
  • Simulates a temperature of 32° F when attached to a thermometer; compare this point to the reading on the thermometer to ensure calibration
  • Calibrated at +32° F in a UKAS (NIST) laboratory with a 1 Year Certificate
  • Check the accuracy of any Comark thermistor thermometer with a Lumberg type probe connector
  • Can be used with Comark C22KIT (Tundra#81190) and N2012 (Tundra#81180)